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Today I woke up with a lot of energy and my mood was really positive. This is my second day of not feeling very nauseous and so I seem to be adjusting. The other thing I have noticed is that my nails have suddenly grown really white and are much stronger rather than been all brittle. Also I am no longer using my asthma inhaler. So lots of these things make me happy. I found I was just not hungry during the day. But I have felt very minor cravings tonight but totally manageable. But it is always scary to feel those cravings because I worry that they will get worse. I know I should just eat more but I am still set in that calories matter mindset. 

My exercise routine is going strong. I noticed that I was a lot more consistent today. Usually when I exercise I start off with a bang and my heart rate stays quite low and so I have to keep turning up the levels on the treadmill then after 10mins I get tired and I slow down. But today although I didn’t get to the high levels I just cruised for 20 mins and still burn’t off the same amount of calories. So it seems that my heart rate is no longer fluctuating and is remaining a lot more stable. 

I find I am eating a LOT of eggs. But the thing is they are just so cheap and they make the most efficient low carb snack I can find or think of. I should really buy a few chickens and save myself some money:)

What I ate today:


Ham salad: Ham, lettuce, chopped tomatoes, cheese


2 fried eggs


Lamb in a cucumber and yoghurt sauce: Lamb, grated cucumber, full cream yoghurt, mint


Steak and eggs: 2 Steaks, 1 egg, butter and garlic sauce


3 boiled eggs


20 mins brisk walking (153 calories)

Total Calories:

2207 calories

20.7g carbohydrates (11.7g sugar)

168g fat (73.5g saturated fats)

179g protein


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I cannot believe that I only ate 1600 calories today and I am NOT hungry. I simply am amazed at this. I literally do not feel hungry at all. I am starting to get used to the meals and that horrible nausea has gone. But most of all I am simply NOT hungry. Still feeling a little weird about not eating the veges but I did have a whole brocolli head today and it didn’t blow me over my carb budget. So I think I am getting to know how to do this. 

On a more negative note I didn’t do so well on the exercise today. My heartbeat was rising very quickly and I did not burn off as much calories as I normally do by keeping my HR between 145-155 heartbeats per minute. I will monitor this. 

Today I ate:


50g Edam Cheese


Curry Chicken: Full cream yoghurt, Garam Masala, Turmeric, Cloves, Garlic, Chilli, Ginger, Brocolli, Skinless Chicken, Mint, Canola Oil


Pork, Eggs & Butter


20 Mins Brisk Walking on Treadmill – 143 calories

Total Calories – 1623

Carbohydrates – 20g (13.6g sugar)

Fat – 90g (33.1g Saturated Fat)

Protein – 206.7g

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WOW. Since monday (it is now wednesday) I have lost nearly 2 kilograms or 4.4 pounds. Basically ever since I severely reduced my carb intake on Atkins this has been happening. It is amazing!!! My hunger levels have bottomed out to be sure. I feel a little bit ‘arrggghhh’ at eating meat, eggs and cheese all the time with little veges or fruits. But I am soldiering on as I know the veges will return and I will be a happy camper. For now I will keep drinking water to feel refreshed. 

Yesterday I ate:


Glass of Milk


Minced beef, tomato slice, edam cheese, 5 onion rings

Afternoon Snack:

Steak, olive oil, garlic


Steak (more), lettuce, tomato slice, 5 onion rings, edam cheese, fried egg


20 mins brisk walking – 154 calories

Total Calories – 1931

Carbohydrates – 19.2g (15.3g sugars)

Fats – 125.1g (51.1g saturated)

Protein – 207.4g

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Well I have dropped from 115.6 kilograms (254.9 pounds) when I started two weeks ago to todays weight of 111.6 kilograms (246 pounds). Thats a 4 kilogram (8.8 pound) loss. So Im happy. I can definitely see changes in my images too from when I started. Of course the major event for me in the past week was to realise that my weight issues are centered around carbohydrates. Basically having a carb binge and always feeling hungry when I eat carbs – followed by this great book that really outlines the science behind the carbohydrate hypothesis (more soon), well it really changed my perspective and approach. So I have taken on a more anti-carb diet and switched to atkins. Only after one day I am immensely missing the vegetables but I know that they will come in time. Anyway a good two weeks to start!

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Well my job interview went well. My eating didn’t. I ate a sandwich in the morning and then induced a carb fest from then on. I swear that carbs are addictive. OR I blow out on them when I give myself permission. But either way this is another confirmation to myself that I should just leave them alone. I don’t remember exactly what I ate but it was lots. I then went out that night and got a little drunk, well a lot drunk. So yesterday I didn’t eat anything. Argghhh. Anyway back on track and I think I am just going to avoid carbs all together from now on. The good news though is I did lose weight regardless of my indulgence.

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Well today I woke up feeling great. Full of energy and my mood is a take on happy. I honestly believe it has taken my body three days (since sunday) to work itself free of the carbs. I will no longer eat what I want one day a week. More evidence for this is the fact that I have remained constipated since Sunday and only today do things seem like they are changing. Ive only been on this for a week but I wonder – if this is what happens when I eat carbs once what was happening to my body when I ate them everyday!!!!!!!

I have also noticed that at around 8.30pm every night I suddenly get really hungry. Cravings galore. So yesterday I thought I would have a late night supper (two eggs and a salad) and this seemed to cure this ailment. So I think that the late night supper will be a more common feature here at Darwin’s Table. 

So here was yesterdays food. 


Apple, Orange, Handful of cashew nuts


Tuna Salad – Tuna, Avocado, Lettuce, Tomato, Spring Onion, Olive Oil, Almonds.


Chicken Stew – 2 chicken legs, olives, olive oil, mushrooms, onion, canned tomatoes, eggplant, carrots, celery, red wine (the chicken is buried beneath the sauce so you cant see it)


Egg Salad – 2 Eggs, Lettuce, Spring Onions, Olive Oil

Total Calories – 2064


Brisk Walking for 20 minutes: 157 Calories

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Apparently my carb fest on sunday did put on some weight. Today I dropped from 113.5 to 113.2 kg, which is quite dissapointing considering I was down to 112.6 kg before Sundays treat. It amazes me that I could put back on that much weight overnight. But hey I definitely learned not to do that again. Also after eating the paleo food yesterday I just felt so much more healthier and I felt glad to be back on it rather than that dense feeling from all those carbs. I felt a lot less hungry yesterday and it wasn’t until dinner that I really started feeling hungry. I think it is because I am not having so much sugar as I have decided to lay off the potatoes and dried fruit. I also discovered all these different types of olive oils at the local supermarket so I will have to experiment a little in the near future. Im an olive oil king at the moment. I bought olive oil infused with garlic…..yum. 

The exercise is going extremely well and I am so much more fitter now. Its almost impossible to get my heartbeat up without really working out hard, which amazes me after just one week. I went from 15mins slow walking to 30 mins really fast paced walking. So this diet seems to have some really great benefits for your health. 

Yesterday I ate:


Omelette: 3 eggs, onion, coriander (yes I know not much veges but there were none in the house), canola oil


Baked fish: 1 whole baked fish, 3 carrots, olive oil, celery, sage


3 handfuls of roasted cashew nuts

2 apples 

1 orange

Beef stir fry – no oil just some veges (beans, carrots, onion) cooked with a little bit of meat. Was really hungry around 9ish so cooked it up and it did the trick by fulling me up. 

Total Calories – 1808

Total Exercise – 151 calories (20 mins brisk walking on treadmill)

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