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Today I received an email from thepaleodiet.com. I asked if they thought that most of the problems of modern civilization were a result of carbohydrates rather than saturated fats. This was their explanation.

Hi Dan,

I went to your website – congratulations on your progress.

You will no doubt lose weight on an Atkins type diet.  However, you are
missing critical micronutrients by avoiding vegetables.  Also, vegetables
and fruits are essential to maintain acid/base balance.  We spoke about this
in a recent newsletter.  So while I suspect you will get some results, I
would caution you that that approach may not be the best for optimum health

We do recommend olive oil as a good fat because it is high in
mono-unsaturated fats.  Ideal fat would be bone marrow, as this is the fat
that was a part of the diet of our Paleolithic ancestors.  Olive and canola
oils are simply convenient substitutes, and are much better than other
vegetable oils which are high in oomega-6 fatty acids, and low in omega-3
and mono.

Modern diseases such as metabolic syndrome are more the result of high
glycemic carbohydrate intake than saturated fat intake.  However, we are not
really genetically adapted to eat high amounts of saturated fats.  Wild
animals are very lean, and have lower levels of saturated fat than their
farm-raised counterparts.  Saturated fat affects cholesterol transport, gene
activation, and much more.  If you are interested in optimum health, we do
not recommend a diet high in saturated fats.

We may put together some more information on this topic, because there is a
lot of misunderstanding.

Best regards,

Wiley Long
Business Director
Paleo Diet Enterprises, LLC

With that said and my huge cravings for vegetables I must go back to darwinstable. To be truthful I am not really missing dairy as much as I thought I would but I DO miss the vegetables. But because I have learn’t that carbs were making me hungry I am going to keep carbs to beneath 100g a day, which seemed to be the level that I did not feel too hungry. If I am ok with that and the hunger is not too bad then I will raise my carb intake by 5g a week. Also if I am hungry then I will lower my carb intake. I am sorry for jumping around but I needed to try out atkins. It is working but I think mainly to do with low carbs, which I can still have on Paleo. Also this changes nothing about the science I was presenting earlier as this was targeting carbs and the Paleodiet is low carbs as long as you don’t gorge on fruit and starchy vegetables too much. I guess this is what this blog was all about progress.


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There are two reasons why I have changed my site. Firstly, I had noticed since I had been on the paleodiet that the less carbohydrates I ate the less hungry I felt. So I concluded that it was carbohydrates that essentially were the problem with my eating. In conjunction, I have been reading a book called ‘the Diet Delusion’. It is very scientifically based and provides a lot of evidence for the evils of carbohydrates on our health and explains the current delusion around the myth that ‘saturated fats are bad for you’. Hence, I decided to focus more on the low carb diet (specifically atkins) rather than the paleo diet. No doubt more posts will come, around the evidence I have found, to back up these beliefs. But also the layout will remain the same. 

So far so good. I was only just a few grams over the 20g carb limit today. But Im getting used to the new approach. I will keep it under this 20g for two weeks then start increasing by 5g until I start feeling hungry and that will be my carb limit. 

Today I ate:


Omelette: eggs, steak, butter, onion, mushroom, 

Afternoon Snack

Salad: Lettuce, Tomato, Edam Cheese, Olive Oil


Bolognese: minced beef, canned tomatoes, edam cheese, olives, onion, oregano, garlic, olive oil


2 Eggs, 40g Cheese

Total Calories – 2270

Carbohydrates – 23.2g (6.9g sugar)

Protein – 119.7g

Fat – 175.5g (71.6g saturated fats)

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