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Today I woke up with a lot of energy and my mood was really positive. This is my second day of not feeling very nauseous and so I seem to be adjusting. The other thing I have noticed is that my nails have suddenly grown really white and are much stronger rather than been all brittle. Also I am no longer using my asthma inhaler. So lots of these things make me happy. I found I was just not hungry during the day. But I have felt very minor cravings tonight but totally manageable. But it is always scary to feel those cravings because I worry that they will get worse. I know I should just eat more but I am still set in that calories matter mindset. 

My exercise routine is going strong. I noticed that I was a lot more consistent today. Usually when I exercise I start off with a bang and my heart rate stays quite low and so I have to keep turning up the levels on the treadmill then after 10mins I get tired and I slow down. But today although I didn’t get to the high levels I just cruised for 20 mins and still burn’t off the same amount of calories. So it seems that my heart rate is no longer fluctuating and is remaining a lot more stable. 

I find I am eating a LOT of eggs. But the thing is they are just so cheap and they make the most efficient low carb snack I can find or think of. I should really buy a few chickens and save myself some money:)

What I ate today:


Ham salad: Ham, lettuce, chopped tomatoes, cheese


2 fried eggs


Lamb in a cucumber and yoghurt sauce: Lamb, grated cucumber, full cream yoghurt, mint


Steak and eggs: 2 Steaks, 1 egg, butter and garlic sauce


3 boiled eggs


20 mins brisk walking (153 calories)

Total Calories:

2207 calories

20.7g carbohydrates (11.7g sugar)

168g fat (73.5g saturated fats)

179g protein


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So today was going well but I think I had my first challenge to my mental state of mind. But before I begin on that what has been happening. Well I have noticed that I am getting a lot colder now and also when I get cold I also get really hungry. So thats something Im watching out for. Also Im still dreaming of hot dogs. I have NO idea why but every time Im asleep I dream of food. Also I think Im getting over sugar. I had some dried rock melon for breakfast today and I felt quite sick afterwards and it was just too much…sickly sweet. Kind of grossed me out actually. So maybe my cravings for sugar are lessening. 

My challenge though was this was the first day that I didn’t drop any weight. Not that thats the problem. The problem is tonight I cooked myself up some minced (ground) beef with chilli, paprika, cumin and garlic in a tomato base. I put it into a bed of lettuce. I had my allocations all ready but then my flatmate said he would have some so I went and bought some more thinking we would halve it. But when I served it up he only had a little bit. Well thoughtlessly I ate the rest. I hadn’t eaten much so didnt think it would be a problem BUT I forgot that this is minced meat, which is high in fat. So my calories were about 700 over what I should be eating. I originally went through all those feelings of “I am failing’, ‘oh you have done it now your not going to lose weight you might gain it’ etc. But then I realised that in actual fact I was still 200 calories BELOW what I should be eating to maintain my weight so no problems. Plus I have been exercising. But I am going to learn from my mistakes – no more fatty meats. 

So here is the damage:


Dried Rockmelon


Omelette – crab meat, 3 eggs, lettuce, onion, garlic

Dinner (aarrggghhh)

Chilli con carne (without the beans) – minced beef, garlic, cumin, chilli, paprika, onion, green capsicum, chopped tomatoes – all in a bed of lettuce

Total calories for the day: 2592


Brisk walk for 15 mins (113 calories)

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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Today I dropped down another 0.5 kilograms (1.4 pounds). I guess the water is still leaving me but it sure is a motivating start. I have been drinking more water and I am not getting the headaches anymore thankfully. Also the acidic stomach was not felt yesterday which also is a bonus. But I am feeling a lot colder now, which I would put down to the lack of fat in my system keeping me warm. I am still having minor issues with constipation but it seems to be subsiding. I was less hungry last night than out of all the nights since I have started. I always get most hungry at night. So hopefully this is a good sign that my body is starting to get used to the diet and it wasn’t just a one off. But I have been dreaming of really fatty, carbo meals like hot dogs. I put it down to the fact that I am ‘addicted’ to these foods (if thats the correct word to use) and so it is natural to be craving them. I am no longer giving myself those neurochemical rewards (ie endorphin rush) and so it is not suprising that my body will be going through cravings as it would any substance that does this. 

Yesterday I ate:


3 whole boiled eggs with beetroot, alfalfa sprouts, olive oil and salad


Mexican Baked fish with a chilli, lime juice, tomato, garlic, olive, caper, onion and capsicum sauce. 


2 handfuls of cashew nuts

dried rockmelon

3 plums

potato baked in olive oil (still cant seem to kick the potato habit)

Total calories for the day – 1733


15 mins brisk walking (110 calories)

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