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I cannot believe that I only ate 1600 calories today and I am NOT hungry. I simply am amazed at this. I literally do not feel hungry at all. I am starting to get used to the meals and that horrible nausea has gone. But most of all I am simply NOT hungry. Still feeling a little weird about not eating the veges but I did have a whole brocolli head today and it didn’t blow me over my carb budget. So I think I am getting to know how to do this. 

On a more negative note I didn’t do so well on the exercise today. My heartbeat was rising very quickly and I did not burn off as much calories as I normally do by keeping my HR between 145-155 heartbeats per minute. I will monitor this. 

Today I ate:


50g Edam Cheese


Curry Chicken: Full cream yoghurt, Garam Masala, Turmeric, Cloves, Garlic, Chilli, Ginger, Brocolli, Skinless Chicken, Mint, Canola Oil


Pork, Eggs & Butter


20 Mins Brisk Walking on Treadmill – 143 calories

Total Calories – 1623

Carbohydrates – 20g (13.6g sugar)

Fat – 90g (33.1g Saturated Fat)

Protein – 206.7g


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What a great day. I have simply not felt hungry today. When I finally did get hungry at about 8pm I just had an egg and tomato salad and was no longer hungry again. I cant quite believe it! In fact I have only eaten 1500 calories today and this is much lower than what I can eat but I just dont feel hungry. Over the last few days I have stopped eating potatoes and the dried fruits and have tried to minimise carbohydrates by having only a few fruits and a handful of nuts. I am literally not feeling hungry and this may be why. OR it could just be that I am not having a hungry day but that has never happened on a diet before so I feel a bit insecure about the whole situation. Not been hungry on a diet kind of scares me to be honest. Its almost as if I would rather brace myself for the hunger rather than start to feel like I wont be hungry and then have hunger set in. Anyway.

As for the exercise I am doing so well. I am almost running now. Well I am walking so fast I dont think that I could walk any faster. My heart is relatively cool and not beating too fast so its obviously adapting well to the exercise regime but my poor legs cant seem to catch up. I might try stretching them pre work outs and not just post work outs and see if that helps. But it amazes me than within a week I am at this level of fitness. Today was good. 

Also Im starting to ponder the goodness or badness of dairy. As far as I can see it seems to be carbs that are the main cause of our modern diseases of civilization. So dairy? It certainly would add some diversity to my cooking. Would be interested in peoples feedback on this but for now I will keep leaving it out. But expect a post soon as I want to look into the research to see the good and the bad. 


Apple, Orange and a handful of cashew nuts


Tuna salad: Lettuce, Tuna, Long eggplants (skinny version), Mint, Olive Oil, Spring Onions, Tomato


Steak and Guacamole with salsa: Sirloin Steak (grass fed of course), Avocado, Olive Oil, Lime, Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, Capsicum, Coriander, 


Egg and Tomato Salad: 3 Eggs, Tomato, Onion


Apple, Carrot

Total Calories – 1610 (oops not the 1500 I said but still well under my daily allowance)

Exercise – 20 mins brisk walking (161 calories)

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Apparently my carb fest on sunday did put on some weight. Today I dropped from 113.5 to 113.2 kg, which is quite dissapointing considering I was down to 112.6 kg before Sundays treat. It amazes me that I could put back on that much weight overnight. But hey I definitely learned not to do that again. Also after eating the paleo food yesterday I just felt so much more healthier and I felt glad to be back on it rather than that dense feeling from all those carbs. I felt a lot less hungry yesterday and it wasn’t until dinner that I really started feeling hungry. I think it is because I am not having so much sugar as I have decided to lay off the potatoes and dried fruit. I also discovered all these different types of olive oils at the local supermarket so I will have to experiment a little in the near future. Im an olive oil king at the moment. I bought olive oil infused with garlic…..yum. 

The exercise is going extremely well and I am so much more fitter now. Its almost impossible to get my heartbeat up without really working out hard, which amazes me after just one week. I went from 15mins slow walking to 30 mins really fast paced walking. So this diet seems to have some really great benefits for your health. 

Yesterday I ate:


Omelette: 3 eggs, onion, coriander (yes I know not much veges but there were none in the house), canola oil


Baked fish: 1 whole baked fish, 3 carrots, olive oil, celery, sage


3 handfuls of roasted cashew nuts

2 apples 

1 orange

Beef stir fry – no oil just some veges (beans, carrots, onion) cooked with a little bit of meat. Was really hungry around 9ish so cooked it up and it did the trick by fulling me up. 

Total Calories – 1808

Total Exercise – 151 calories (20 mins brisk walking on treadmill)

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So today I woke up feeling great. I dropped more weight despite thinking I had overate last night. Also I felt full of energy and so jumped on the treadmill. I have a new exercise regime where I am going to base how long/intense my exercise is going to be based off my heartbeat. This is how it works. I aim to keep my heartbeat between 145-155 beats per minute. If it goes above 155 then I lower the level on my treadmill and if it drops below 145 I increase it. I decided that if I go for 15 mins and I have not gone below level 6 then I just keep going until that happens. For the whole week I have not managed to break past 15 mins but today I kept going for 20 mins. I am a little afraid of exercise because I always try to overdo it and then get paranoid of it next time because Im afraid it will be too intense. So this way I have no say in the matter my heart does. 

As for the food I woke up and had a huge craving for fruits so I made a fruit salad. It was great and I could really taste the lemon and so I really do think my tastes are changing. I then was reading a book and felt quite hungry but thought it was 4pm so decided to wait an hour. But later I found out it was actually 5.30pm (meal time) and so I realised why I was so damn hungry. So I have eaten about an hour ago but I am feeling so damn HUNGRY at the moment. I think it is because I waited too long. 

So heres the day. 


Fruit salad: apple, pear, two oranges, raisins, sliced almonds, lemon juice, dried rockmelon


Salmon, roasted parsnips and carrots


8 Green Olives (I was very hungry making dinner)

Total calories: 1697


20 mins brisk walking (153 calories)

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Today has been the easiest day so far. I literally was not hungry until about 30mins ago (8pm) and its actually not that bad at all. I think I am just craving food but not actually hungry for it. I am missing sweety stuff but its completely tolerable. But overall I feel much more energetic, lively and all my negative symptoms (acid stomach, headaches and constipation) have gone. Also on the treadmill today my heartbeat was much stronger and was not increasing like it has the last couple of days. 

Also I have found two other fellow bloggers who started on the same day as me. So hopefully we can all keep each other motivated. They are Isn’t it obvious and sick of being fat. Good luck to both of you and Ill be watching your progress with great interest. 

Today I ate:


Omelette: 3 eggs, handful of lettuce, garlic, onion, canola oil, capsicum and mint


Stuffed pumpkin: Minced beef, onion, raisins, almonds, olive oil, pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon


Raisins, Dried rockmelon

Total calories for the day: 1789


15 mins brisk walking (115 calories)

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