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Today I received an email from thepaleodiet.com. I asked if they thought that most of the problems of modern civilization were a result of carbohydrates rather than saturated fats. This was their explanation.

Hi Dan,

I went to your website – congratulations on your progress.

You will no doubt lose weight on an Atkins type diet.  However, you are
missing critical micronutrients by avoiding vegetables.  Also, vegetables
and fruits are essential to maintain acid/base balance.  We spoke about this
in a recent newsletter.  So while I suspect you will get some results, I
would caution you that that approach may not be the best for optimum health

We do recommend olive oil as a good fat because it is high in
mono-unsaturated fats.  Ideal fat would be bone marrow, as this is the fat
that was a part of the diet of our Paleolithic ancestors.  Olive and canola
oils are simply convenient substitutes, and are much better than other
vegetable oils which are high in oomega-6 fatty acids, and low in omega-3
and mono.

Modern diseases such as metabolic syndrome are more the result of high
glycemic carbohydrate intake than saturated fat intake.  However, we are not
really genetically adapted to eat high amounts of saturated fats.  Wild
animals are very lean, and have lower levels of saturated fat than their
farm-raised counterparts.  Saturated fat affects cholesterol transport, gene
activation, and much more.  If you are interested in optimum health, we do
not recommend a diet high in saturated fats.

We may put together some more information on this topic, because there is a
lot of misunderstanding.

Best regards,

Wiley Long
Business Director
Paleo Diet Enterprises, LLC

With that said and my huge cravings for vegetables I must go back to darwinstable. To be truthful I am not really missing dairy as much as I thought I would but I DO miss the vegetables. But because I have learn’t that carbs were making me hungry I am going to keep carbs to beneath 100g a day, which seemed to be the level that I did not feel too hungry. If I am ok with that and the hunger is not too bad then I will raise my carb intake by 5g a week. Also if I am hungry then I will lower my carb intake. I am sorry for jumping around but I needed to try out atkins. It is working but I think mainly to do with low carbs, which I can still have on Paleo. Also this changes nothing about the science I was presenting earlier as this was targeting carbs and the Paleodiet is low carbs as long as you don’t gorge on fruit and starchy vegetables too much. I guess this is what this blog was all about progress.


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Today I woke up with a lot of energy and my mood was really positive. This is my second day of not feeling very nauseous and so I seem to be adjusting. The other thing I have noticed is that my nails have suddenly grown really white and are much stronger rather than been all brittle. Also I am no longer using my asthma inhaler. So lots of these things make me happy. I found I was just not hungry during the day. But I have felt very minor cravings tonight but totally manageable. But it is always scary to feel those cravings because I worry that they will get worse. I know I should just eat more but I am still set in that calories matter mindset. 

My exercise routine is going strong. I noticed that I was a lot more consistent today. Usually when I exercise I start off with a bang and my heart rate stays quite low and so I have to keep turning up the levels on the treadmill then after 10mins I get tired and I slow down. But today although I didn’t get to the high levels I just cruised for 20 mins and still burn’t off the same amount of calories. So it seems that my heart rate is no longer fluctuating and is remaining a lot more stable. 

I find I am eating a LOT of eggs. But the thing is they are just so cheap and they make the most efficient low carb snack I can find or think of. I should really buy a few chickens and save myself some money:)

What I ate today:


Ham salad: Ham, lettuce, chopped tomatoes, cheese


2 fried eggs


Lamb in a cucumber and yoghurt sauce: Lamb, grated cucumber, full cream yoghurt, mint


Steak and eggs: 2 Steaks, 1 egg, butter and garlic sauce


3 boiled eggs


20 mins brisk walking (153 calories)

Total Calories:

2207 calories

20.7g carbohydrates (11.7g sugar)

168g fat (73.5g saturated fats)

179g protein

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I cannot believe that I only ate 1600 calories today and I am NOT hungry. I simply am amazed at this. I literally do not feel hungry at all. I am starting to get used to the meals and that horrible nausea has gone. But most of all I am simply NOT hungry. Still feeling a little weird about not eating the veges but I did have a whole brocolli head today and it didn’t blow me over my carb budget. So I think I am getting to know how to do this. 

On a more negative note I didn’t do so well on the exercise today. My heartbeat was rising very quickly and I did not burn off as much calories as I normally do by keeping my HR between 145-155 heartbeats per minute. I will monitor this. 

Today I ate:


50g Edam Cheese


Curry Chicken: Full cream yoghurt, Garam Masala, Turmeric, Cloves, Garlic, Chilli, Ginger, Brocolli, Skinless Chicken, Mint, Canola Oil


Pork, Eggs & Butter


20 Mins Brisk Walking on Treadmill – 143 calories

Total Calories – 1623

Carbohydrates – 20g (13.6g sugar)

Fat – 90g (33.1g Saturated Fat)

Protein – 206.7g

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WOW. Since monday (it is now wednesday) I have lost nearly 2 kilograms or 4.4 pounds. Basically ever since I severely reduced my carb intake on Atkins this has been happening. It is amazing!!! My hunger levels have bottomed out to be sure. I feel a little bit ‘arrggghhh’ at eating meat, eggs and cheese all the time with little veges or fruits. But I am soldiering on as I know the veges will return and I will be a happy camper. For now I will keep drinking water to feel refreshed. 

Yesterday I ate:


Glass of Milk


Minced beef, tomato slice, edam cheese, 5 onion rings

Afternoon Snack:

Steak, olive oil, garlic


Steak (more), lettuce, tomato slice, 5 onion rings, edam cheese, fried egg


20 mins brisk walking – 154 calories

Total Calories – 1931

Carbohydrates – 19.2g (15.3g sugars)

Fats – 125.1g (51.1g saturated)

Protein – 207.4g

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A new Oxford led university study has shown that the greater the levels of Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) the greater the chances of developing prostrate cancer. Researchers looked at the data of blood samples of 3700 men with prostrate cancer and 5200 men without it, and found higher levels of IFG-1 in the cancer group. Dr Lesley Walker from Cancer Research UK stated ‘there are no clear data on modifiable risk factors’ and also suggests that this work could be helpful in developing drugs (I assume to lower IGF-1 in the blood stream). 

The theory behind IGF promoting cancer goes like this. Cells get energy by binding IGF-1 to the cells IGF-1 receptors, and this causes available glucose in the bloodstream to be directed to that cell. This glucose is the main energy source of cells. Cancer cells have been shown, compared to normal cells, to have an extremely large number of IGF-1 receptors on their surface, thus gaining far more energy or glucose in order to promote growth. This is because cancer cells grow by ‘fermentation’ or anaerobically and thus require far more energy than normal aerobic cells. It has been shown that when tumors are transplanted into mice that have been genetically engineered not to produce IGF-1 the tumor growth is retarded if not eliminated altogether. Effectively the cancer cells are starved of energy (glucose) that is needed for growth and division. If IGF is then injected into the mice the tumors begin to grow. Thus it seems that IGF-1 is vitally important in providing the large amounts of energy that the cancer cells require. 

In the bloodstream, virtually all insulin-like growth factors are attached to small proteins (binding proteins) that carry them around the blood vessels.  When attached to these binding proteins the IGF’s are too large to pass through the walls of the blood vessels in order to get to the cells where the IGF can be used. At any moment, only a small percentage of IGF is left unbound in the circulation to stimulate the growth of cells (including cancer cells). These binding proteins are another mechanism that the body uses to regulate hormonal signals and growth factors. However, insulin depresses the concentration of these IGF-binding proteins. So after a large carbohydrate meal, plenty of glucose enters into your bloodstream causing insulin levels to rise and results in these binding proteins been taken out of circulation. As a consequence, this increases the amount of unbound IGF that can then go and supply potential cancer cells with much needed energy.  

Perhaps one of the ‘risk factors’ that should be mentioned is diets that are high in carbohydrates, result in elevated levels of insulin, which can then, through its various control mechanisms, promote cancer growth. This may help explain why in diabetics there is a much higher chance of developing cancer. Higher insulin levels result in more unbound IGF which can then go and feed cancer cells. Surly, this would be worth mentioning when you consider that in the UK, where this study is done, prostrate cancer is the second highest cancer to kill men.

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Well I have dropped from 115.6 kilograms (254.9 pounds) when I started two weeks ago to todays weight of 111.6 kilograms (246 pounds). Thats a 4 kilogram (8.8 pound) loss. So Im happy. I can definitely see changes in my images too from when I started. Of course the major event for me in the past week was to realise that my weight issues are centered around carbohydrates. Basically having a carb binge and always feeling hungry when I eat carbs – followed by this great book that really outlines the science behind the carbohydrate hypothesis (more soon), well it really changed my perspective and approach. So I have taken on a more anti-carb diet and switched to atkins. Only after one day I am immensely missing the vegetables but I know that they will come in time. Anyway a good two weeks to start!

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Well my job interview went well. My eating didn’t. I ate a sandwich in the morning and then induced a carb fest from then on. I swear that carbs are addictive. OR I blow out on them when I give myself permission. But either way this is another confirmation to myself that I should just leave them alone. I don’t remember exactly what I ate but it was lots. I then went out that night and got a little drunk, well a lot drunk. So yesterday I didn’t eat anything. Argghhh. Anyway back on track and I think I am just going to avoid carbs all together from now on. The good news though is I did lose weight regardless of my indulgence.

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