Well I have dropped from 115.6 kilograms (254.9 pounds) when I started two weeks ago to todays weight of 111.6 kilograms (246 pounds). Thats a 4 kilogram (8.8 pound) loss. So Im happy. I can definitely see changes in my images too from when I started. Of course the major event for me in the past week was to realise that my weight issues are centered around carbohydrates. Basically having a carb binge and always feeling hungry when I eat carbs – followed by this great book that really outlines the science behind the carbohydrate hypothesis (more soon), well it really changed my perspective and approach. So I have taken on a more anti-carb diet and switched to atkins. Only after one day I am immensely missing the vegetables but I know that they will come in time. Anyway a good two weeks to start!


A new approach

There are two reasons why I have changed my site. Firstly, I had noticed since I had been on the paleodiet that the less carbohydrates I ate the less hungry I felt. So I concluded that it was carbohydrates that essentially were the problem with my eating. In conjunction, I have been reading a book called ‘the Diet Delusion’. It is very scientifically based and provides a lot of evidence for the evils of carbohydrates on our health and explains the current delusion around the myth that ‘saturated fats are bad for you’. Hence, I decided to focus more on the low carb diet (specifically atkins) rather than the paleo diet. No doubt more posts will come, around the evidence I have found, to back up these beliefs. But also the layout will remain the same. 

So far so good. I was only just a few grams over the 20g carb limit today. But Im getting used to the new approach. I will keep it under this 20g for two weeks then start increasing by 5g until I start feeling hungry and that will be my carb limit. 

Today I ate:


Omelette: eggs, steak, butter, onion, mushroom, 

Afternoon Snack

Salad: Lettuce, Tomato, Edam Cheese, Olive Oil


Bolognese: minced beef, canned tomatoes, edam cheese, olives, onion, oregano, garlic, olive oil


2 Eggs, 40g Cheese

Total Calories – 2270

Carbohydrates – 23.2g (6.9g sugar)

Protein – 119.7g

Fat – 175.5g (71.6g saturated fats)

Carb induced hiatus

Well my job interview went well. My eating didn’t. I ate a sandwich in the morning and then induced a carb fest from then on. I swear that carbs are addictive. OR I blow out on them when I give myself permission. But either way this is another confirmation to myself that I should just leave them alone. I don’t remember exactly what I ate but it was lots. I then went out that night and got a little drunk, well a lot drunk. So yesterday I didn’t eat anything. Argghhh. Anyway back on track and I think I am just going to avoid carbs all together from now on. The good news though is I did lose weight regardless of my indulgence.

Still no hunger…

Not anything major to report on the food front today. I had some coconut milk so my saturated fats were higher than normal but thats ok. The coconut is totally natural so I am ok with eating it. No hunger again tonight so I am starting to wonder whether it really is the carbs that make you hungry!

I have a job interview tomorrow and have to fly there and so I have decided that tomorrow for lunch I will eat ONE NORMAL SIZED meal. But thats my day no big dramas. My flatmate told me Im obsessing about food and I was like ‘Uh Duh’.


Handful of cashew nuts, 2 apples and an orange


Steak and Salad: Scotch fillet steak, 2 Avocado’s (hehehe), tomato, lettuce, olive oil


Coconut milk and fish curry: Fish, coconut milk, mint, courgettes, onion, capsicum, garam masala, cumin, tumeric, coriander

Total Calories: 2045

Exercise: 20 mins brisk walking (158 calories)

Here is a graph I found that shows really well the relationship between increasing sugar consumption levels in England and the rate of diabetes. The fact that diabetes so closely matches sugar consumption levels provides (I think) strong evidence for the carbohydrate hypothesis – that is that they are terrible for you and cause all the modern diseases of civilization. The last part of the graph where diabetes drops off is when they developed better treatment for diabetes and so this correlation broke apart. Ill let the graph speak for itself. 

No hunger and steaming

What a great day. I have simply not felt hungry today. When I finally did get hungry at about 8pm I just had an egg and tomato salad and was no longer hungry again. I cant quite believe it! In fact I have only eaten 1500 calories today and this is much lower than what I can eat but I just dont feel hungry. Over the last few days I have stopped eating potatoes and the dried fruits and have tried to minimise carbohydrates by having only a few fruits and a handful of nuts. I am literally not feeling hungry and this may be why. OR it could just be that I am not having a hungry day but that has never happened on a diet before so I feel a bit insecure about the whole situation. Not been hungry on a diet kind of scares me to be honest. Its almost as if I would rather brace myself for the hunger rather than start to feel like I wont be hungry and then have hunger set in. Anyway.

As for the exercise I am doing so well. I am almost running now. Well I am walking so fast I dont think that I could walk any faster. My heart is relatively cool and not beating too fast so its obviously adapting well to the exercise regime but my poor legs cant seem to catch up. I might try stretching them pre work outs and not just post work outs and see if that helps. But it amazes me than within a week I am at this level of fitness. Today was good. 

Also Im starting to ponder the goodness or badness of dairy. As far as I can see it seems to be carbs that are the main cause of our modern diseases of civilization. So dairy? It certainly would add some diversity to my cooking. Would be interested in peoples feedback on this but for now I will keep leaving it out. But expect a post soon as I want to look into the research to see the good and the bad. 


Apple, Orange and a handful of cashew nuts


Tuna salad: Lettuce, Tuna, Long eggplants (skinny version), Mint, Olive Oil, Spring Onions, Tomato


Steak and Guacamole with salsa: Sirloin Steak (grass fed of course), Avocado, Olive Oil, Lime, Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, Capsicum, Coriander, 


Egg and Tomato Salad: 3 Eggs, Tomato, Onion


Apple, Carrot

Total Calories – 1610 (oops not the 1500 I said but still well under my daily allowance)

Exercise – 20 mins brisk walking (161 calories)


Well today I woke up feeling great. Full of energy and my mood is a take on happy. I honestly believe it has taken my body three days (since sunday) to work itself free of the carbs. I will no longer eat what I want one day a week. More evidence for this is the fact that I have remained constipated since Sunday and only today do things seem like they are changing. Ive only been on this for a week but I wonder – if this is what happens when I eat carbs once what was happening to my body when I ate them everyday!!!!!!!

I have also noticed that at around 8.30pm every night I suddenly get really hungry. Cravings galore. So yesterday I thought I would have a late night supper (two eggs and a salad) and this seemed to cure this ailment. So I think that the late night supper will be a more common feature here at Darwin’s Table. 

So here was yesterdays food. 


Apple, Orange, Handful of cashew nuts


Tuna Salad – Tuna, Avocado, Lettuce, Tomato, Spring Onion, Olive Oil, Almonds.


Chicken Stew – 2 chicken legs, olives, olive oil, mushrooms, onion, canned tomatoes, eggplant, carrots, celery, red wine (the chicken is buried beneath the sauce so you cant see it)


Egg Salad – 2 Eggs, Lettuce, Spring Onions, Olive Oil

Total Calories – 2064


Brisk Walking for 20 minutes: 157 Calories